Tamar Zhordania

Music Therapist

Music Therapist


1989 – 2000          Z. Paliashvili Central Music School for Gifted Children ;

1998 – 2001         Tbilisi Z. Paliashvili Central Music College;

2001–2005           V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi state Conservatoire (piano major);

2016-2020           V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire (musicology,  ethnomusicology department)

Professional Experience

2022      Music therapist in ,,Inclusive dance school-studio Anisi”

2021      Music Therapyst in ,,USAID” Project;

Music Therapist in abilitation center ,,Puzzle”;

Musical Friend in kindergarten ,,Mtsvane ALubali”;

2020  Music Therapist in ,,Mental Health Center Gamma”;

2019  Music Therapist in ,,Intergated Studio Azdaki’s Garden;

2018  Music Therapist in ,, Rehabilitation-Abilitation  Center Ai Ia – Children with Cochelar Implants;

2001 – 2003          Interpreter at Master-classes held at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire

2003 – 2017          Participation in different programs organised by The International Center of Georgian Folk Songs  Designated decrypter of the Georgian Folk Songs

2005 – 2007         RJ and a host at the radio station “New Wave” (classical and folk music).

2006 – 2008         Informatics Manager at the Museum of the Georgian Folk Songs and Instruments

2009 -2010           Music, Vocal teacher and Composer at Children’s studio “Basti-Bubu“

2013 – 2016         Music, Vocal teacher and Composer at Children’s studio “Meko Studio“

2016 -2017           Music and Vocal Teacher at the educational studio for children “Renome”  Music and Vocal Teacher in Children’s Center  Composer in ,,Integrated Theatre – Azdaki’s Garden

Other Activities

1997 – 2001 Diplomas at the Tbilisi Municipality Competitions;

1998      Diploma at the International Balys Dvarionas Competition for Young Pianists and Violinists;

1999      Laureate of the Israeli International Competition and a special prize for “The Best Performance of Bach”; Presidential Scholarship;

Diploma at the International Competition (Italy) and a special prize for “The Best Performance of Chopin”;

2000  Winner of the Tbilisi Municipality Competition;

2005   Author of various piano transcriptions;

  1. Children behavior management ( MAC Meorgia)
  2. Speech and Language Therapy Full Course
  3. How music can change your life – ( the university of Melbourne course)
  4. Introduction to hearing loss – ( Icahn School of medicine at mount Sinai)
  5. Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Full Training Course ( Acc. Nordoff-Robbins Musictherapy)
  6. The art Therapy Master class – using music to heal and thrive( Benjamin Pages)
  7. PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System – Tbilisi Autism Center
  8. Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty & Stress – Marc Brackett
  9. Neuroscience Methodologies to Rewire your Brain – Mayes El Merhbi
  10. CBT – including Mindfulness – Crystal Hutchinson Tummala, J.D.
  11. Training of Trainers (TOT) – Key Consulting
  12. MTI Making therapy digital (Music as therapy international; Chiltern Music therapy)

Founder     ,,Center for development of inclusive music education”;

,,Internatiol Center for the development of inclusive arts” (Co-Founder);

Projects from 2020-2022 

  1. Musical Verse exercises for children (Ministry of culture 2020) by Speech and language therapist and Music therapist/composer. project is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Georgia.
  2. USAID / EWMI ACCESS, increasing access to inclusive art and social services in rural Georgia, designed to promote the rehabilitation and integration of people with disabilities (PWDs) in the mountainous villages of Georgia during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Development of a synthetic methodology for inclusive dance, music and drama therapy and creation of a training laboratory group (on the basis of the inclusive theater school-studio,, Azdak’s Garden”). ,,Youth for social equality” project is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Georgia.

Published Books

  1. ,,Lullabies“ for Children and Adults (Music Therapy) 2021
  2. ,,Georgian Play-Songs“ (According to Nordoff-Robbins Musictherapy) (2019)
  3. ,,Musical Verse Exercises for Children‘‘ (2020)
  4. ,,Art for Integration” (2021)2019     Piano Works for Children; Little piano pieces for children;
    Pop music (Studios: “Bzikebi”, “Basti-Bubu”, “Meko- Studio” Music for Ads;
    Music Engineer of TV Programs (“Imedi”, Channel I, “Atchara”, Erstulovneba”)’
    Music for TV programs at “Erstulovneba” and “Imedi”

2002 – 2020  Carries out an active pedagogical career