Nestani Kapanadze

Special education teacher

Education 2005_2009 Bachelor of Social Scinces in Psichology.Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Professional experience
2012-3013 School of Tbilisi #198, Psychologist
2013-2016 School of Tbilisi #198, Special education teacher.
2013-2016 School of Tbilisi #198, elementary school teacher.
2016 up to present day _ Mental health center _ Special education teacher.

Other activities
2011-2013 ministry of education and science of georgia _“inclusive education in georgia” _ consultant.
2014  “Autistic class”-participant of the project,was financed byfund“Life Tree”

2015 neurodevelopment center_ applied behavior analysis
2014 theachers profesional development centre_ Management of behavior
2014 theachersprofesional development centres _ theachersPortfolio
2014 Developmental centre of Poland- early interventionchilddevelopment.

Project of Georgian Elementary Education_mathematics
2014 Project of Georgian Elementary Education_Learning reading.
2014ilia state university center of autism _ Management of behavior
2014 Developmental centre of Poland _ trainers skills enhancement
2012 Mclain Association for Children(MAC)_Inclusive Education