Lela Guledani

Speech and language therapist

Personal Details:  
Name: Lela
Surname: Guledani
E-mail: eleneguledani.mhc@gmail.com
Working Experience:  
2016 Mental Health Center – Communication, Language and Speech therapist
                        2014-2015 Ministry of Education, Program “Georgian Language for Future Success” – Assistant Teacher of Georgian Language
2013-2014 Ilia State University, Project “Georgian Language Corps” – Specialist
2010-2014 St. Andrew the First Called Georgian University of Patriarchate – Faculty of Humanities, Bachelor of Philology.
Knowledge of languages:  
  Georgian language – professionally

Russian language – well

English language – well

Computer skills: Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Internet Explorer
2016 Mental Health Center – theoretical basic course of applied behavioral analysis.
2016 Mental Health Center – 20-hour course of basic training for communication, language and speech therapy.
2015 Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia – for participation in the 2014-2015 academic year program “Georgian Language for Future Success”.