Ana Skhulukhia

Behavioral therapist

ABA therapist

2018- 2022 –   Ilia State University-Faculty of Science and Art-Bachelor of   Psycholgy

Professional Experience

From 2021  September till today – Mental health Center GAMMA– ABA therapist;

2021-2022 – volunteer in the MAC Georgia project;

2019 – intern in the parlament of georgia

Other Activities

  • 2020 ,February – Mental Health Center – Applied behavior analysis basic course (40 hours);
  • 07. – 01.08.2021- Institute of inclusive education (IIE)- Supporting the development individuals with autism spectrum disorder and basic principles of teaching;
  • 2021 octomber – MAC Georgia -Online Training Module “Developmental Disorders and Special Educational Needs”;
  • 09.2021- Institute of inclusive education (IIE)- Effective communication and function responsibilities between individual curriculum group members;
  • 10.2021- Institute of inclusive education (IIE)- Pedagogical assessment of a student with special educational needs;
  • 2021 octomber- MAC Georgia- Online Training Module on Behavior Management;
  • 2021 octomber- MAC Georgia- Online Training Module on Sensory integration elements and fun activities;
  • 10.2021 Applied Psychology and Research Center- Evidence-Based Approaches to Reduce Self-injurious Behaviors;
  • 10.2021- Institute of inclusive education (IIE)- The importance of the game in the development of the child;
  • 11.2021 – Institute of inclusive education (IIE)- Use of electronic platforms in the learning process;
  • 20-21 January 2022 – MAC Georgia- Geriatric care an Functional Rehabilitation (8hours);
  • March –April 2022 AFIRM (Autism Focused Intervention Resources) Module
  • Modeling(2hours)
  • Visual supports (2hours)
  • Introduction to ASD (3hours)
  • Reinforcement(3hours)